Last night’s episode was not a good one for anyone tucking into their bangers and mash, as Roman and Adele took on the first food-based Bushtucker trial of the series

Roman will have his famous dad, Martin, to thank as he took to Twitter to announce he’d voted for his son to eat the private parts of a kangaroo. And to think Roman was waxing lyrical about his dad a couple of nights ago…

Downing treats including Critter-Bocker glory (aka cockroaches and mealworms), Tirrama-spew (vomit fruit) Licky Toffee Pudding (aka duck tongues), Profiter-balls (festive turkey testicles), Mississippi Udder Pie (a cow’s teat), Piggy Pudding (a pig’s uterus), the pair tried to keep the food down by imagining other, more palatable dishes they might be eating instead.

At least it was dessert based.

Nevertheless, the pair got all 10 stars on offer, which particularly pleased Ian Wright, who described himself as ‘euphoric’ when he heard the news.

Wrighty has drifted in the betting to 10/1 after ranting about how hungry he is, and how much he is struggling with jungle life. He even compared the ‘bland meals’ to his playing days at Arsenal.

Andrew Maxwell offered Wrighty some more crocodile at dinner, but the former England striker snapped at the comedian (uttering expletives in the process) and said that he didn’t want any more, just hours after he admitted he was hungry. Some would suggest you’re sending mixed messages there Wrighty…

Probably the most bizarre Dingo Dollar challenge in recent memory also took place on last night’s episode, as Kate and Myles had to balance eggs on poles as they navigated through a maze, whilst wearing pigeon costumes. They completed the challenge but their fellow campmates got the trivia question wrong, so there was no treat.

At the end of the episode, newcomers 6/1 Andrew Whyment (or Kirk off Corrie, as you may know him), and 14/1 Cliff Parisi (aka Minty from Eastenders) were revealed to us but not to the campmates just yet, just in time for some more jungle entertainment.

We’ll be back tomorrow to discuss jungle life once again and of course, report on any betting movements. Stay tuned!

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