Life could literally be about to get a million times better for lucky Norma Faherty… thanks to Betfred.

She’s about to be a grandmother, has already won £75,000 from just £1 – and on Saturday, if the draw goes her way, could become a millionaire!

The Dublin-born 54-year-old is already planning to fulfil a life-long ambition by going on a luxury cruise, and if she wins the jackpot is planning to buy herself a brand new home in Kent.

Hard-working mother-of-two Norma’s good fortune came at the Betfred shop on south London’s Peckham High Street , near her home at Tulse Hill, where she is a regular customer.

She successfully picked the winning bonus balls from three consecutive draws on the Irish Lotto, winning £75,000 from just a £1 stake thanks to the Bonus Ball Bonanza promotion invented by Fred Done, and exclusive to punters at his Betfred empire.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to win so much from just a pound,” said Norma, who has worked as a barmaid, flat rental agent and latterly in offices at a London scrapyard.

“I can’t wait till Saturday when I could become a millionaire if I pick the bonus ball in the main draw. I’ve registered my number and it’s just a waiting game now.

“I’ve no problem finding ways to spend my winnings, that is for sure. I’ve never been on a cruise, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Unfortunately the Caribbean is too far so it will have to be the Mediterranean.

“My partner Michael has already been searching the internet looking for a new car and we could be getting a Range Rover… that’s what he fancies anyway.

“I’ve been doing this bet for three years and then on Saturday night about midnight I just woke up for some reason that I can’t explain and thought I would check my numbers.

“It took a while to sink in of course when I looked up how I’d gone on. I thought I was still dreaming. So I woke Michael up who was as shocked as me and kept telling me to check I was right. I checked and my numbers 47, 25 and 32, that I chose completely at random, had all been drawn and got me £75,000.

“We hardly slept after that as you could imagine and on Sunday we went out for something to eat and had a few more drinks than usual.

“I can’t thank Fred enough for he invented this bet and has now already changed my life for the better. I’ve always held the view that you have to work hard for a living, and I suppose this is my reward.

“I’m going to be a grandmother soon so there are a lot of good things going on. I have a one in 47 chance on Saturday and if I win again we can move out of our rented flat here in London and maybe upgrade to a nice place in Kent, the Garden of England, which would be great.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Norma’s Irish eyes will be smiling brighter than eve. It is just brilliant that I can make all the dreams come true for a hard-working lass like her.”

“Good luck on Saturday to a loyal customer, who could become a millionaire from just a £1 bet at Betfred.”

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