Will the jig be up for Curtis?

The Curtis/Maura/Francesca love triangle took centre stage in the Villa last night as the unlikely lothario continues to play his love interests off each other.

Despite chasing Amy out of the Villa and his overuse of the word ‘chinwag’, dancer Curtis has his pick of the ladies right now as he is coupled up with Francesca but is still being pursued by Maura – who asked him to sneak into her bed during one of those aforementioned chinwags in last night’s episode.

She did say she was joking… although based on previous form I’m not so sure.

He can’t play this game forever as Maura (Curtis and Maura 12/1 – Winning Couple) revealed to the girls she will get bored if she doesn’t get her man soon, while Francesca looked less than impressed when he demonstrated his abilities as a masseur on the Irish beauty, and the time to decide whether to stick or twist is fast-approaching for Curtis.

Elsewhere, Anton’s antics may have got him in a spot of hot water after a few of the lads were sent to the ‘outside world’ on a shopping trip. Tommy, Jordan and the Scot picked up the ingredients to cook up a storm for the rest of the contestants (stuffed peppers, seafood linguine and Eton mess if you’re interested) and cheeky Anton handed his phone number to the cashier girl despite being coupled up with Belle.

It looked like he was going to get away with it when Jordan managed to keep shtum under a grilling from Anna but loved-up Tommy told Molly-Mae, who promptly relayed the gossip to all the girls within shouting distance, leaving Anton with some explaining to do in the next episode.

Amber revealed to non-romantic partner Ovie that she still isn’t convinced former beau Michael and his new squeeze Joanna are that into each other. Perhaps Joanna has gotten wind of this as she told Michael she’d been thinking about what their kids would look like, which seems a tad much after a few days by the pool with each other.

Sunday’s episode promises to be explosive with at least one couple set to be dumped. New arrivals Francesca and Chris are safe though along with their partners Curtis and Maura so fear not, we should get at least a few more days of this love triangle drama from the Villa.

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