Look what the cat dragged in

Fun and games in the villa last night as the boys danced provocatively for the girls, and vice-versa, clad in skimpy ‘cossies’ that left little to the imagination. Just your standard Wednesday night down the pub, really. They were all wired up to heart monitors, and the reveal at the death was who had made the biggest impression on each of the islanders.

All seemed to have a wonderful time, and the temperature was certainly raised by several degrees. Lots of ‘Wows’ and ‘OMG’s’ in the post-event interviews. Bless.

Interestingly, according to the monitors, Amber had more effect on Michael than new squeeze Joanna, while Jordan also embarrassingly reacted more to Belle than partner Anna. I’d never want to upset Anna. Never a smart move, surely. Amber is struggling to contain her feelings for Michael, as the embers still burn for the firefighter, evidently, even though he’s with Joanna now. She finds it tough all right. Shades of the departed Amy – having to watch old flames cracking on.

Meanwhile, Maura rocked a sensational catsuit outfit and took the opportunity to jump on Curtis. Lips were locked. Curtis returned the favour somewhat during his own dance (ludicrously tight hotpants did the hoofer few favours) by sweeping up the Irish firecracker in his arms. Could it be that they’re finally beginning to get it, whatever ‘it’ is, together?

Earlier on it had looked long odds-against that Curtis and Maura would enjoy such closeness, as the new arrivals (Francesca and Chris) took out 2 dates each. One of ‘Cesca’s dates was the aforementioned ‘hartbreaker’ Curtis, who openly flirted with the young Sofia Coppola lookalike (I know – you thought so too, eh? Godfather III? Deffo). Sitting just yards away was in fact Maura, who had been selected by Chris. And she was eavesdropping. Squirming. Wishing she was with Curtis instead.

Ovie also had the pleasure of Cesca’s company, while Chris took Anton’s love interest Belle, too. Upon her return, Belle draped herself around Anton and declared that during the whole date she’d only really been thinking of him. Cue grinning, dead chuffed, relieved, hairy-bottomed Scotsman.

A recoupling is apparently on the cards, with the exit door looming large once again. Tommy and Molly are now bigger certainties than death and taxes, according to most sound judges (1/6 to be the Winning Couple), but as we all know there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.

Maura and Curtis are an interesting 10/1 chance in the same market – have we got time for a tumultuous Samba in Spain? A magical Majorcan Merengue? Get yer dancin’ shoes on, love – you’ve pulled.

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