The Scoop6 rolled once again this Saturday with £127,402 in the win fund heading into the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival

The bonus fund, which is already worth £97,414, will swell on Tuesday and be available on Wednesday should any punter land the six winners on Champion Day.

There was controversy surrounding the opening leg when the judge at Sandown called the result from the wrong winning post. Totepool pay out on the official result, which was declared with Third Wind as the winner at 9/1 to the delight of 5130 punters who initially believed they had been touched off.

Victories for fellow 7/1 shots Zwayyan and Malaya meant 28 tickets remained at halfway before the late surges of Misty Whisky at 5/1 and Above The Rest at 18/1 meant one ticket holder was in with the shot of the £127,402 prize going into the finale.

That one unit was on 20/1 shot Vinnie Lewis who ran a gallant second to impressive winner Commodore who sent the Scoop6 funds surging into Cheltenham.

Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said “What a way to start the Festival with already over £225,000 in the Scoop6 pools and an estimated £350,000 to play for on Champion Day. The bet started in controversial style at Sandown and ended with one punter nearly taking the £127,402 win fund, but it survived to kickstart a fantastic four days with a big pot to aim for at Prestbury Park.”

The place fund paid 235.90 and was won by 74 ticket holders.

The Scoop6 will be in operation every day at the Cheltenham Festival.

Any rollovers from Tuesday will be carried forward to the Cheltenham Festival Scoop6 on Wednesday, and so on throughout the week.

Any rollovers from the Scoop6 pool on Friday 15th March will be carried forward to Saturday 16th March, after which the Saturday Scoop6 will continue to be a Saturday to Saturday bet.

Scoop6 races will be chosen the day before each pool and communicated in the usual way.

Saturday   9th   March   2019

Win                   Not Won                   rollover £ 127,402

Place                £ 235.90                     74 winners

Bonus              Not Won                   rollover £ 97,414


Leg 1, Sandown                   1.50 pm –  5, 1, 8, 4

Leg 2, Wolverhampton          2.05 pm –  11, 8, 9

Leg 3, Sandown                    2.25 pm –  9, 14, 1F  N/Rs 4, 8, 13

Leg 4, Sandown                    3.00 pm –   6, 9F, 4  N/R 11

Leg 5, Wolverhampton         3.15 pm –  1, 9, 4

Leg 6, Sandown                    3.35 pm –  10F, 3, 12  N/R 5


Win Fund units left after leg 1         5,130

Win Fund units left after leg 2         155

Win Fund units left after leg 3         28

Win Fund units left after leg 4         5

Win Fund units left after leg 5         1

Remaining unit in leg 6 on horse 3 – Vinnie Lewis