You can bet on life changing for the better after big Betfred win for Tony McIIvenny

The 55-year-old from Hyde in Greater Manchester won a whopping £150,000 from a £15 wager on the 49s Lotto.

He had chosen four numbers – 5,11,14 and 17 – that were amongst the six drawn out in the nationwide draw.

Flag layer Tony, a 55-year-old father of four who is also a grandad, now plans to switch his van for a new car, buy a house to renovate, go on an impromptu holiday in Spain  – and change jobs to something less arduous!

The Manchester United fan, who celebrated his good fortune watching a much-improved  Reds 2-2 draw with Arsenal at Old Trafford, said, “It is a kind of life changing amount…well it is for me.

I’m renting so now I think I will buy myself  a run-down house  and renovate it. That makes sense. I will probably get myself a new car because I’m using a Transit pick-up to get about at present. I will sort out a decent holiday to Spain in the New Year after chilling out over Christmas.”

But after working in the construction industry on motorways and  building sites as a groundworker laying heavy flags for most of his life, Tony now has the opportunity to make a lifestyle change – and give his back a much needed rest!

He explained, “I am getting bit old for the job I’m doing and one thing I could do now is set myself up as a mobile coffee and drinks unit. That is something I reckon could make money and is something I could afford to set myself up doing now.

The secret of my success? Well I check the numbers of the earlier draw and then pick four numbers that are one up or down. I must have been doing this lotto using the same formula for about 12 years, never missing. I just kept plodding on and have now come up trumps. It is a great feeling.”

Betfred boss Fred Done  said, “I’m chuffed to bits for Tony – a loyal customer and fellow Red which is a bonus. He has a great New Year to look forward to after picking my pocket!”

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