Campmates enjoy a good old Jungle singsong, and ‘Arry does it his way

Vintage fare on I’m a Celebrity last evening, as the remaining happy campers retired to the welcoming ambience of The Jungle Arms.

Harry Redknapp proved he couldn’t carry a note in a bucket. Nevertheless he gave a stirring rendition of the Frank Sinatra classic ‘My Way.’

It was so terrible it was briliant.

After various individual efforts the group collaborated with a touching performance of Bill Withers’ beautiful refrain ‘Lean On Me.’

Fleur explained that it captured the essence of camp. Everyone had each other’s back, and shoulders to lean on were plentiful and genuine.

John and Fleur waltzed the latest trial, but it was Fleur who did the lioness’s share of the work. She was fantastic – swimming fearlessly through underwater tunnels, and just completing within the time-frame.

The all-action girl is a delight around camp, a warrior in the field, and at 7/1 is a value shout to weat that ultimate winner’s crown.


Nick couldn’t stop talking about his number one iTunes hit – ‘Make You Feel My Love.’ DJ Chris Moyles has championed the DIY star’s musical ‘talents’ and Nick couldn’t resist chatting and crooning as he’d discovered the news in a letter from home – courtesy of son TJ.

Dec made a cracking remark about the fact that he’d evidently ‘gravelled his own voice.’ Line of the night. Think Lee Marvin’s Wanderin’ Star and you wouldn’t be far wrong.

Mind you, compared to Harry he’s Andrea Bocelli. In red budgie smugglers.

Anne Hegarty (pictured), after thrilling us all with a cracking version of Mama Mia in the Jungle Arms, woke up to find it was effectively her swansong. She was the latest celeb to be voted out and made the long walk across that bridge to freedom. Very happily, it has to be said.

She’s done so well – made friends, grown after a timid, fearful start, and provided much-needed insight into autism. Well done to The Governess.



Meanwhile – how about this fabulous little montage, courtesy of I’m A Celebrity – The Musical? Absolutely fantastic!

More fabulous nonsense to follow – as per, any Trial Teases, etc, when we get them. Speak soon.


If you’re betting on I’m a Celebrity, Betfred.