Lovely Rita, Jungle Maid, where will we be without you?



Another celebrity became a little better acquainted with the dust last night as Rita Simons exited Camp Fab-u-lous and rejoined this potty outside world of ours.

She was a feisty, determined, quite brilliant campmate. What a superwoman!

Seven remain. Seven remainers. “Evening, Prime Minister,” as Dec would say at this point …

A magnificent seven, it has to be said. A united camp, full of warmth, strength, humanity, understanding, compassion, and love. It’s been fun to watch but also curiously an uplifting experience.


With all the craziness in our world, tapping daily into to this gentle, life-affirming jungle soap has been a real tonic. All we’re missing is a soothing David Attenborough voice-over or three.

What of yesterday? Ah, we had letters from home. Well, for most. A tricky little game involving guiding eggs while being hampered by wire meshing meant that Fleur and Anne got scrambled rather than hard-boiled and therefore missed out.

They were tear-jerkers, as per. Always a highlight.

Fleur and James had a stack of fun driving a little car around a track. Hazardously, it must be said, but in her defence Fleur was wearing a blindfold.

No joy of course from Kiosk Kev again – another hideous 50/50 went awry and with it the latest would-be snack to drool over.


Emily, Nick and Harry aced a trial in which the fellas were lying in cages and Em had to lift and drop critters of various kinds on top of them. Cue a toad sat cosily on Nick Knowles’ head, and Harry Redknapp sharing his confined space with a couple of rats – his nightmare scenario. He’s probably played against worse.

Another campmate must go tonight – and as always if we hear anything or see a Trial Tease we’ll let you know about it later.

ITV, 9pm tonight

If you’re betting on I’m a Celebrity, Betfred!