Responsible Gambling Week is a cross-industry initiative to promote responsible gambling in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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Aims and Objectives

The Week is designed to get people talking about what it means to gamble responsibly. Focus on the tools that are available to keep gambling fun, and how players therefore across all types of gambling can gamble safely. 


Betfred’s Commitment

It almost goes without saying, but Betfred wholeheartedly supports the week and all its aims. Our commitment to Responsible Gambling is 24/7, year-in-year-out.


Here’s how it all should work

Five key Responsible Gambling ‘behaviours’

  • Only spend what you can afford
  • Set your limits for time and money
  • Gambling is not the answer to any problem
  • Don’t Gamble when angry or upset
  • Gambling must not interfere with your personal relationships

Keep the above firmly in mind and enjoy having a flutter as part of your leisure activity. It’s terrific fun – but when the fun stops – stop.


The betting industry is united

All sectors of the gambling industry in the United Kingdom  – casinos, bookmakers, online companies, amusement arcades and bingo – and the Irish Bookmakers Association come together for the Week.

This year it takes place from 1st – 7th November, continuing the campaign theme Let’s Talk About Responsible Gambling’.

Each part of the gambling industry supports and promotes responsible gambling throughout the year. Responsible Gambling Week provides a national, industry-wide opportunity to raise the subject and start conversations about responsible gambling with the widest audience possible.

By that we mean staff, customers, family and friends, and members of the general public.

Furthermore, we can also ensure that anyone who needs additional information or help and support knows where they can find it.


Online help –

Our online presence here at Betfred features a comprehensive section underlining our unswerving commitment to Responsible Gambling. Please visit either;

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Link – Betfred Mobile


We respectfully suggest you have a look around. There are lots of helpful resources, and there’s a video message from Fred, too.

Here’s what you’ll find there;

  • Our stated aims – our absolute commitment to the promotion of Responsible Gambling
  • Advice on Staying in Control
  • Setting Deposit Limits
  • Reality Checks
  • Time-Out
  • Self-Exclusion

That’s not all.

There are also convenient links, providing further information on;

  • Any questions you may have relating to Responsible Gambling
  • Independent, problem-solving gambling Support Services
  • Taking a Responsible Gambling self-assessment
  • Concerns you may have about the gambling behaviour of a family member, or friend

Here are those all-embracing links once again;

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Link – Betfred Mobile


The Betfred Blog, Social Media

You’ll see among our Betfred posts, articles and especially Social Media output this week our very visible, genuine and sincere support for this important initiative.

As stated, Betfred’s commitment to Responsible Gambling is every day of the year, every single year. This week allows us to bring Responsible Gambling into even sharper focus.

Thank you so much for reading. Have fun. Gamble safely.

Kind regards – from everyone at Betfred