A pensioner punter has beaten amazing 17billion/1 odds to win big at Betfred.

He didn’t go for lucky birthday numbers or anything like that – just copied out the six numbers from the  earlier draw!

And five hours later on Saturday in the second 49s draw five of the six numbers plus the bonus ball came out winning him £50,000 from a £2 bet!

“Everyone was laughing at me in the bookies but they are not now, ” said the 67 year old retired frozen fish food process worker from Grimsby.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “I have been in the bookie business 50 years and never has this happened before. It is just amazing how people select these numbers. We had a winner last week in Yorkshire who chose numbers she had seen on rubbish skips and now this. Everyone has their own system. This is no fishy tale and too early for an April’s Fool joke but just an astonishing bit of good fortune for one of our most loyal customers who has won big from a small stake.”

The winner, who is single and lives near the Betfred shop at Victoria Street West, Grimsby was so convinced he was on to a unique winning formula  on Saturday he tried to persuade other customers to follow his example – and merely copy out the winning numbers from the lunch-time cashball draw…but they all ignored him!

He said: “If the remaining sixth number had been the same I would have won a million. I suppose I can settle for £50,000 which I will invest in property. I can’t have too much to drink because of the tablets I have to take and won’t be going abroad on holiday or anything like that because I have a pacemaker and that affects the travel insurance. I will probably have a holiday in this country to celebrate.

“I told them all in the shop like I often do that I was feeling lucky and was absolutely certain the bonus ball would be number nine. It was but no one took any notice. In fact they were laughing and saying that the same numbers would not come up again.”

The numbers in the lunch time draw were 23,29, 30, 45 and 47 with the bonus ball 9…and much to the Betfred winner’s joy they were same in the second draw of the day except it was ball number 27 rather than 23..

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