It’s that time again, Betfred Super League fans!

Presenting the latest version of the ‘In The Spotlight‘ column, proudly sponsored by us here at Betfred and available to read in the League Weekly newspaper and right here on the Betfred Blog!

Each Monday we turn the spotlight on the game’s top names and get them to reveal a little more about of themselves and share a few secrets with the readers. This week, Leeds Rhinos’ Matt Parcell was in the hot seat, with Trevor Baxter asking the questions.

Name: Matt Parcell

DOB: October 30, 1992

Club(s): Brisbane Broncos, Manly Sea Eagles, Leeds Rhinos

Position: Hooker

First ever game of rugby league?

I would have been about six at the time, playing for the local club, Fassifern Bombers, near to where I grew up. I don’t remember anything about it though. I stayed with Fassifern until I was 15.

First girlfriend?

I have only had two; the first when I was 17. Her name was Genieve and we went out for three and a half years. I was single for around 18 months after that before I met Steph who has come to England with me.

Hardest opponent faced?

Playing in the NRL, there are some pretty big bodies and big names. When you are up against the likes of Cameron Smith and Johnathan Thurston you realise how much they control the game and how much influence they have on it.

Most Embarrassing moment?

I played in Papua New Guinea with Ipswich Jets and got my shorts ripped off. Fortunately there were only a couple of minutes to go. It’s pretty crazy over there and an eye opening experience.

Most famous person met?

I went to America last October and was in a store in New York at the same time as Jonah Hill. I just walked past him to make sure it was him. But because it was in the Soho area I just wanted to act cool and calm.

Favourite other sport?

I like watching a lot of sports, especially cricket. So, now I am here in Leeds, I am sure I will be going to watch Yorkshire at some stage. I played a bit of cricket at school when I was younger but nothing too serious.

Best place visited?

I like to travel and have seen a bit of Europe and lots of America and Canada. I found Montreal really cool but I love New York.

Favourite clothes shop?

I don’t have a favourite but I do like good clothes and probably spend a bit more than I should on them. I like the American brands.

Heaviest weights lifted?

I’m not too keen on the weights. I’ve probably benched around 130kg and squat lifted about 160kg. I’m not too bad on deadlifts though and have done about 210kg.

Most painful injury?

I tore my rotator cuff off the bone which is definitely the most painful I’ve had!
I was still at Ipswich at the time and did it in pre-season. But I didn’t get it fixed until the end of the
season and, by the end of the year, I couldn’t do any weights or anything. I was out for six months.

Best mate outside rugby?

I went to University in Sydney and a couple of mates, Conor and Jimmy, moved down about the same time I went to Manly. We had a bit of a crew there so I have a few mates outside of footie from doing my studies.

What boots do you wear?

Nike Magistas – size 12!

What’s in your shower bag?

I don’t really carry one for games. But I might take some moisturiser because my skin is getting a bit dry from the cold. Not too worried though about after shave and hair gels after a game.

What do you drive?

A BMW 3 series since I arrived at Leeds, which is pretty good. I’ve managed to find my way round thanks to the Sat Nav. Traffic is pretty chaotic in Sydney but it’s not too bad here because I don’t live far from training and the ground.
One of the strangest things to get used to is being able to park on both sides of the road. You can’t park
facing the oncoming traffic back home. In Australia, I used to drive a Lexus.

What would you like to drive?

I like Range Rovers. Mum and dad have one back home
What other job would you liked to have done?
I got a degree in civil engineering. I’ve also thought about doing the commerce side and get into banking in retirement. After graduating I went pretty much into full-time with the Broncos. But we had to do 60 days work, though I ended up doing 120-150.
Dad (former Ipswich Jets captain Steve, the son of 1959 Kangaroos tourist Gary) also has a building company and when I was younger I worked a little bit with him.

If someone was to make a film about your life, who would you want to play you and what
certificate would it receive?

I have no idea. Actor-wise I like Leo (Di Caprio) so that would be cool.
It would be a pretty boring film though and wouldn’t get any great reviews!


Not really. I think if you are superstitious it just means there are more things to play with your head. The only thing thing I might do is have steak the night before a game. It’s not really a necessity just more of a habit.

Karaoke song?

If you ask any of the Leeds boys they will tell you I am a terrible singer. I hate it. On camp we had to stand up and sing in front of
everyone as part of an initiation to the group. I did Mr Brightside (by The Killers) but it sucked.

Favourite book?

I enjoy reading but I don’t do as much as I should. If it’s a book, I enjoy reading autobiographies and hope to get around to the Michael Clarke book (‘My Story’).

Any hidden talents?

Anything to do with maths and physics, especially maths. I did quite enjoy farming as my dad lives on a dairy farm.

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