The measurements are all important when your job is a forklift truck driver at a Lancashire timber yard.

And now they have paid off handsomely out of work too, for one Betfred regular.

He used the numbers 33,36,39,42 and 45, that play such a big part in his job moving wood for delivery, to win £186,000 from a £5 bet on the Irish Lotto.

The 52 year old from Chorley explained: “The numbers are metric measurements with 3.3 metres almost 11ft, 3.6 being nearly 12ft, 3.9 close to 13ft, 4.2 almost 14ft and 4.5m close to 15ft. I work with these numbers all the time and just thought I’d use them in national lottery 10 years or so ago and then the Littlewoods lottery. I kept with them over the last 12 months when I started going on the Irish lottery instead at Betfred.”

He won £150,000 from a £1 bet when all five numbers that he selected came up – and £9,000 on four separate £1 bets matching four of his lucky numbers. That left him with a total of £186,000 which is one of the biggest cash prizes ever won at Betfred on any of the eleven lotteries.

The jubilant winner is to splash out on a new car, home improvements – and a holiday.

He said: “I’ve got a mid terraced house here in Chorley, in fact I’ve been in it all my 52 years. I bought it off my Dad, who’s since passed away, in 1991 for £60. It needs a new bathroom and the front room needs redoing as well. I’ll use some of my winnings on that. All the work can be speeded up now I’ve won the money which represent nine times my yearly wage.

“I will be getting myself a new car, a nice Ford Focus. But as for giving up my job? You must be joking! I love my job. It hasn’t even crossed my mind to stop working… why would it? I didn’t check the numbers on the draw until a few days later.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought I’d got four up at first, not five. I was working at the timber yard as usual that evening, so didn’t have time to celebrate. But I’ll be having a few drinks at the weekend. As well as the car and the jobs at home I’ll be going on holiday to where I normally go – Galway and County Kerry in Ireland.”

We send the lucky winner best wishes from everyone here at Betfred!

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