ANNETTE Booth is to buy a piece of the sunny Caribbean after winning big with Betfred.

And there was no contest on where she’s going to invest her £50,640 – her parents are from St Kitts and still spend much of the year on the exotic tropical island in the West Indies.

Annette, who works at a hostel for homeless people in Leicester city centre, had a dramatic turn in her fortunes after going to bed early and instead of opting for a book she decided to relax by playing the Big Top Tombola game on her mobile phone.

“I didn’t get much sleep because I won and all from just a £6 stake,” said Annette, a 55 year old mother of two. “I was so excited I dropped the phone when it flashed up congratulations! I was just so excited. My husband who works in security came in late after finishing his shift and he thought something was wrong with me being awake and staring at my phone!

“I was born in the UK after my mum and dad came over from St Kitts in the 50’s. I went once to the island for break as a child but have always hoped one day that the family could have its own place there as a holiday home at first.

“One thing is absolutely certain I will not be wasting that kind of money. What you can do in St Kitts is buy a good plot and then gradually build on it until you have a nice place. Like my parents I have always worked all my life and it is just brilliant that I have had a big slice of luck.


“We’ve been on holiday in Spain and my husband would want somewhere of our own there, but the value in land and property is in the Caribbean. I will be persuading him and I won the jackpot so it is my money! The Big Top Tombola is my favourite game and I read somewhere that to get a big win you have to spend a bit so that’s why I put on £6.

“After I dropped my phone and was struggling to get it working again to confirm I was the jackpot winner, I had to ring Betfred customer services at 2am. So after going to bed early because I was tired I ended up getting no sleep at all.”

Annette, who lives in Leicester, has been a Betfred online customer for 18 months and during that time has won twice – £300 and £600. She added: “It is funny I had a dream that I would win a lot of money. Now with some land in St Kitts, my family will have our own special place. We all think it is fantastic.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “I’m absolutely delighted Annette has realised her dream and hope she and her family enjoy their time on St Kitts. It is hard to imagine her dream has come true from just a £6 wager.”

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