lotto bigwinBetfred are racing against time to track down a customer at one of our former pit village shops in Yorkshire who has a chance of becoming a millionaire, if she’s found by noon on Saturday.

The woman who is aged around 40 has already won £75,000 from a £1 stake on the bonus ball lotto bet, but if she collects her winnings by the deadline, she will be able to register for the chance to pick a bonus ball from the 47 numbers in the Irish Lottery main draw on Saturday 12th December.

Pick the right number and she’s a millionaire! But despite new “wanted” posters in the shop at High Street, Bentley, near Doncaster and her good fortune being the talk of the village and the local newspaper carrying details of our hunt, the mystery punter has not been found.

Shop manager Tony Deakin said the woman and her male companion are regular Betfred customers always visiting just after noon on Saturdays – but if they follow the same pattern, she won’t make the noon deadline.

Tony said, “The woman has a pixie hairstyle. She’s around 40 I guess and is always accompanied by a friend who is over six foot. They look like they are mods by the type of clothes they wear.

“They always play the Spanish, Irish and New York lotteries and she went for the numbers 29, 6 and 27 bonus balls which all came up. It is already the biggest win ever at our shop.

“Everyone around here is talking about the £75,000 win and now people want her to get on and win a million. The couple are obviously creatures of habit and as well as visiting our shop every Saturday, they go to the Bentley Top club which is a workingmen’s club about once a month, but no-one seems to know their names.”