A Betfred regular hit the jackpot, winning £50,000 from just a 20p stake

A family man from north Manchester is in the money after all his SIX numbers came up on bookie boss Fred Done’s own 49-ball numbers game.

He beat odds of 250,000/1 by opting for 22 because it’s the date of his son’s birthday, while 9 is the date of his own. The other numbers, namely 12, 40, 45 and 5 he picked randomly.

“I was feeling good the day I won and thought it could just be my lucky day,” said the jubilant 46-year-old warehouse shift worker. How is my windfall going to be spent? Well, we invited a lot of people to a party to see in the New Year properly, and there will be some big presents for my family.”

Fred said: “This win has taken my breath away. I’m always pointing out that you can win big from small stakes at Betfred, and this proves beyond any doubt at all that that is the case.

“Good luck to this Betfred regular who has not only picked my pocket but on my own game, too!”