It’s Week 17 folks – sharp end of the regular season and then some

Only one more week after this – and then everything will be sorted regarding postseason, and those play-offs. Lombardi dreams will end for some – and catch fire for others.

By way of a change, we’re having some fun this week with a couple of Anytime Touchdown scorer trebles. Heck, why not? Selecting some of the more likely candidates to make the end zone, and lumping them together to get as much value from the odds as we can.

After that, it’s fingers crossed and enjoy the ride – and by the way – a Very Happy New Year to you all!

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Treble number one;

The great Saquon Barkley, Colts @ Giants, @ 10/13

James Conner, Cardinals @ Falcons, @ 5/4

Travis Etienne, Jags @ Texans, @ 5/6

To give you a working example – if this bet was fortunate enough to come in, for a £3 stake at the prices your return would be approx. £21.89.

Right – let’s try another.

Chris Godwin, Panthers @ Bucs, @ 6/4

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Broncos @ Chiefs, @ 6/4

Miles Sanders, Saints @ Eagles, @ 10/11

Our notional £3 treble for this one, if successful at the prices, would return approx. £35.79.

All returns as stated are as per current prices – which as we know in betting can sometimes fluctuate between now and game time, but give you an excellent ball-park idea.

Have a cracking Week 17 in the National Football League. There’s still plenty to play for, and then it’s a race to Arizona and Super Bowl LVII, on Feb 12th.

At 7/2 the field it’s anyone’s guess who will be lifting that iconic trophy in the desert – who ya got?


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