Betfred’s Fred Done is offering customers the chance to win the biggest prize he has ever offered as you can Win Fred’s £5million on the Nifty Fifty lotto.

All you need to do is pick and match six numbers in one of the five daily Nifty Fifty draws on a £1 play.

The payouts for the regular draw including the six-ball jackpot for Fred’s New £5million:

1 Ball = £7
2 Balls = £70
3 Balls = £800
4 Balls = £10,000
5 Balls = £200,000
6 Balls = £5,000,000/1

You can bet on the Nifty Fifty and attempt to win Fred’s £5million via the Green Button below and all new customers to Betfred can register via the green Register buttons at the top or bottom of the screen

Play the Nifty Fifty for Fred’s £5million here

How to Play the Nifty Fifty

Unless otherwise advertised, five draws on The Nifty Fifty take place every day with the exception of Christmas Day. These are at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 6.30pm (UK time).

There are 50 balls in The Nifty Fifty draw, numbered 1-50. 6 balls plus a Bonus ball are drawn.

The ‘6-ball draw’ refers to the main 6 balls drawn and so excludes the Bonus ball. You can bet on a single number being drawn up to all 6 numbers.

The ‘7-ball draw’ refers to all 7 balls drawn and so includes the Bonus ball. You can bet on a single number being drawn up to 6 numbers.

Choose the type(s) of bet you require in the betslip. Click ‘More Bets’ for a greater range of options. This can include permutations or multi-bets.

Enter your stake for your chosen bet type(s) and then click on ‘Place Bet’.

Nifty Fifty Ts & Cs

The Nifty Fifty’ is the name given by Betfred for betting on the results of a numbers game operated by Betfred. All betting on The Nifty Fifty is subject to these rules. Should there be any inconsistency between these rules for The Nifty Fifty and the Betfred General Rules, these rules shall prevail. Betfred reserves the right to amend or terminate The Nifty Fifty at any time without prior notice. However, any amendments to The Nifty Fifty will not affect anyone who has already entered The Nifty Fifty before any such change is made, other than where this may be necessary to prevent fraud or other similar unlawful behaviour.

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