A Betfred regular has won the £50,000 jackpot from a FIFTY PENCE bet on Betfred’s ever-popular Bonus King Bingo

Father-of-five Florin Marin will now be able to buy his dream car, a Mercedes, as well as carry out house renovations to the family home in Liverpool.

He’s also going to buy his wife “anything she wants,” following his amazing win – when all his six numbers were drawn out first.

Son Carlos said : “We celebrated with all our family at a Chinese restaurant. He came to this country from Romania for a better life 12 years ago … and thanks to this massive slice of luck with Betfred, things have got even better.”

Florin, aged 49, who has two part-time jobs in a newsagents and as a delivery driver, is a regular at the Betfred shop at Lawrence Road, Wavertree.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “You can always win big from tiny stakes at Betfred. This fella was using the same numbers but then switched some of them, and ended up costing me £50,000 which of course I’m delighted to pay out with a smile.”