He’s seen plenty of winning dramas at the golf club where he works, but now the spotlight is firmly on greenkeeper Ben Ringer who has won big from just a £10 stake at Betfred.

The 45-year-old father-of-two from Wales hit the £75,000 jackpot on the Australian Lotto.

Ben, who works at Newport Golf Club, opted for the numbers 23, 25, 4 and 7 – all of which were drawn out.

He picked 23 to represent his date of birth, 25 because it’s the birthdate of both his children – while 4 and 7 represent April and July, the months they were born.

Ben said: “It couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We’ve got a bungalow and we’re having this huge extension done, costing £75,000, to the kitchen, lounge and another bedroom – and it’s just reaching the end of the job with just the garage to finish. Now I’ve won this, it’s basically paid for it all.

“Celebration? Well, let’s just say we had a few extra drinks at the club, including one round that cost me £91 – the most expensive round I’ve ever bought!

“I’ll probably be getting a new car at some stage, and go on a decent holiday somewhere warm like the Caribbean.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “It must be even better than getting a hole in one for Ben!

“It’s fantastic that this fella, who has worked hard as a greenkeeper for 28 years, has picked my pocket to the tune of £75,000 for just £10.

“What timing too, just as he’s finishing an extension to his home.”

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