New bathroom, replacement kitchen, garden upgrade …. and that’s not all for a Betfred winner who amazingly picked up £75,000 for a FIFTY PENCE bet.

His son is celebrating too, with a fantastic birthday gift of a new car! The 61-year-old from Leeds, who works in the double-glazing industry, picked all five numbers – namely 9,10,11,12 and 16 – drawn on the Irish Lotto.

The jubilant winner said: “My wife picked those numbers six years ago and I remember saying to her they have no chance, so what do I know? We were at a party during the weekend and I went into the garden for a smoke, and checked how I had gone on.

“I couldn’t believe it – and neither could my wife, who said we wouldn’t know for sure until the money was in the bank. We did however have a meal out with friends and relatives like we always do, and rather than share the bill I picked it up!

“We live in a semi-detached house and now we can do all these improvements – for 50p! The decking in the garden for instance is rotten, and now I can afford to get it all flagged. Regarding my son, well, it’s his 25th birthday, and after a few more driving lessons we are getting him a car.

Over the years we have had little wins including one for £13,000, but nothing like this. It’s just brilliant, and we are on holiday soon so we’ll have a bit extra to spend.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “What an incredible win … you can’t even buy yourself half a pint of best Yorkshire bitter these days for 50 pence. This win proves beyond doubt you can win big at Betfred from a tiny stake – and I’m chuffed to bits this loyal customer is using his windfall wisely, changing his family’s life for the better.”