Big Betfred winner Clarence Sinclair has put a huge smile on his wife’s face after writing her a cheque for £40,000 so she can buy her dream car – a Mercedes.

Clarence, a 62-year-old plasterer from London, picked up a whopping £65,000 from two bets totaling £4 on the 49s numbers game.

He picked the numbers 6, 11, 22, 23 and 30 as the bonus ball – and after they all came in, he’s not been able to stop grinning.

He said: “I literally haven’t been able to stop smiling.

“My message to Fred Done is: Thank you very much… and watch out as I’m gonna do it again!”

It’s no idle boast, for Clarence won £10,000 last year using the same numbers on the same game, and now he’s looking for a hat-trick.

He added: “My wife is delighted because she’ll now be able to switch her BMW for a Mercedes, which she’s always wanted. I’m also giving some money to my daughter which she can put towards a deposit for a house.

“As for me, well I don’t really need anything but perhaps we’ll go on a little holiday – but not abroad because I don’t fancy all these airport queues. Maybe it’ll be a little trip to Cornwall.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “What a fantastic win for Clarence who is a popular customer at our shop in Norbury in London.

“Well done, and it’s great to see you’re putting the money to good use getting your wife her dream car.”

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