NFL postseason starts on Saturday, with Wildcard Weekend

We kick-off the NFL playoffs on Saturday, but it would remiss not to reflect briefly on a red-letter day for FredZone.

Last Sunday all three of our suggestions, in three of the tightest, most thrilling battles imaginable, came up trumps. At combined odds (20/21, 6/4, and 13/10) of over 10/1. Result!

So – a little nearer to weekend we’ll take a closer look at the Wildcard matchups. Six matches over Sat, Sun, Mon/early hours Tuesday. Sunday’s a beauty for us in the UK, with two very user-friendly kick-off times – 6pm, and 9.30pm.

Wildcard Weekend Match Odds

Who knew that work pyjamas by the way would ever be a thing? Not when Zoom-ing and similar, obviously, but I suspect we’ve all done it for a minute or two here and there.

The two No1 seeds are having a nice little rest of course – Green Bay from the NFC, and Tennessee (AFC). Both will play at home for as long as they stay in the competition up to Super Bowl itself in LA, joining the fray for the Divisional round the following weekend.

There really isn’t a dud tie to be seen – and when you’re talking about the likes of New England @ Buffalo, and San Francisco @ Dallas, it’s just as good as it gets.

Super Bowl betting is wide-open, and has been all season long. Favourites have come and gone – but most of the main protagonists have hovered around the top of the market. Kansas City Chiefs are presently our 9/2 second-favs, have been a smidge shorter, but visited 10s/12s a few months back, when Mahomes and company were definitely stuttering.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

They’re still conceding too readily for me, but when you’re in possession of such a potent offense you’re always in the game. One or two of the main players similarly look better going forward than back, which makes things even more exciting, and difficult to predict.

It’s been a fantastic season, full of tremendous drama. It’s fitting that you could hardly rule too many out of the equation at this point, and don’t forget that wildcard teams have won Super Bowls in the past. Shocks can happen. Get hot at the right time and the Lombardi could be yours.

See you in a couple of days for a close look at the weekend’s matches.

We love our NFL, and can’t wait.

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Alan Firkins