It’s supposed to be the season of goodwill, but I’m not at all jolly about the attitude amongst the players at United

Betfred boss Fred Done on the current crop at Old Trafford, plus a 24 carat legend 

I tell you what ….. this lot would be top of the table for whingeing, and that’s the only title they’re going to get this season. 

The worst offender is one of the greatest players ever to grace Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo. Him and his Portuguese compatriot Bruno Fernandes. 

In the midfielder’s case, he should stop going on at the referee and concentrate on his own game – while I’m just about fed up to the back teeth of Ronaldo waving his arms around and sulking when things aren’t going his way. 

These two are not alone in the moaning stakes either. Gary Neville is dead right in saying that the whole team needs a huge change in attitude if we’re going to get back into the big time. 

They were so bad against Newcastle, who we made look like world-beaters, that I almost switched off the telly – something I’ve not done while United are on for 40-odd years. 

I was pleasantly surprised that our German coach had taken heed of the criticism from the vast majority of the United faithful with a much-improved performance against Burnley. 

 The attitude and particularly the body language was greatly improved in the 3-1 win against uninspiring, lowly opponents but the question is – does this one swallow make a summer! 

 One person who wouldn’t take this from ANY so-called superstar is Sir Alex Ferguson, our feature image above, who today celebrates his 80th birthday. 

As I’ve been telling Betfred TV, he came to United from Aberdeen under enormous pressure but created a team that was a pleasure to watch. He bred loyalty, and will go down in history as the best manager of his generation. 

He was ruthless in moving players on that he didn’t like, but his contribution to the club and Manchester in general was fantastic. Fergie created a family atmosphere with those who worked with him, and we’ve never been a club like that since. 

It must be difficult, like it is for the rest of us, for him to watch the current crop who are having to change their ways under disciplinarian Ralf Rangnick. 

If the reports are right that the first team players are upset about the training regime going on into the early evening, my advice to them is this: get down a coal mine and see what real work is like. 

They are very fortunate indeed to be wearing the red of United, and the quicker they realise that the better for all of us. If it isn’t going right on the pitch, put it right – don’t sit on the ground for ages waiting for a foul which may or may not be given. 

You have to earn the right to play, and sadly that isn’t happening at the moment with so many of those players thinking they have already made it once they sign for us.