Following Arlene Phillips’ elimination on Sunday night, Kadeena Cox was the next contestant to be voted out of the castle.

Once again, last night’s episode saw emotions running high as the camp prepared to say goodbye to another celebrity.

Earlier on, we saw Emmerdale’s Danny Miller tearing up as he missed out on a chance to win a letter from home for David Ginola.

He took part in a Wi-Fi challenge to win the camp letters from their loved ones. The campmates had to pair up for the challenge with Kiosk Cledwyn calling the camp throughout the day to read out a six digit code made up of letters, numbers and symbols.

Each campmate had to remember the code until they were asked to input it into the computer.

If they got it right, they won their partner’s letter from home. If they got it wrong, it wouldn’t be delivered. Talk about pressure…

Obviously, each campmate didn’t want to let their partner down, and in the end, only David and Adam learned they wouldn’t receive their letters.

Later on, there was tension in camp, as David and Naughty Boy disagreed over who should tackle the latest trial. Naughty Boy and others suggested David would be a good choice, but the Frenchman didn’t want to be pointed out to do it.

In the end, Louise and Kadeena chose to put themselves in the firing line – and they managed to bag themselves a full 10 stars. Fair play!

So, we’ve seen two celebrities leave the castle – who is your fancy to be crowned King or Queen?

The latest betting sees David Ginola as favourite at EVS, with Frankie Bridge next at 7/2.

If you think Danny Miller will be crowned King of the Castle, then he’s 9/2, while Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson is 13/2.

Naughty Boy is next at 11/1, before Louise Minchin at 40/1, and then it’s Eastender’s Adam Woodyatt at 50/1.

Finally, Matty Lee is 66/1, and finally Snoochie Shy is 100/1.

I’m A Celebrity Betting Odds