It’s proved a real family affair for a Betfred winner who pocketed £75,000 from a 50p wager on the Irish Lotto.

The 40-year-old mother-of-two, from Leicester, stuck with the numbers – 6, 7, 18, 32 and 37 – that she’s been using for 20 years, which saw her win the jackpot, which by coincidence is slightly more than she and her husband owe on their mortgage, which is now being paid off.

The lucky numbers were picked based on the house numbers of her and her family members – with number 6 for her brother-in-law’s home, 7 for their old address, 18 for her mother’s, 32 for her current address and 37 for the in-laws’.

She said: “It’s amazing that we’ve won so much from such a small stake. We’re absolutely chuffed at this life-changing amount of money.

“We’ve been using these numbers for 20 years, with the minimum stake of 50p.

“We’ve already been in touch with the mortgage company and found out we owe £74,000 which is now going to be paid off. With the remaining thousand we’ll treat our children and have a very nice Christmas.

“We’ll have more money to spend now, with us not having a mortgage to pay off, and no doubt will be off on holiday in the New Year, probably to our favourite place, Turkey.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Congratulations to this loyal customer who has well and truly picked my pocket.

“It’s fantastic that she has won such a life-changing amount for less than the price of my newspaper.”

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