Our latest big winner plans to renovate his home and holiday in South Africa after a huge win on the 49s lotto 

A lucky Londoner is celebrating at the double after winning almost £90,000 at Betfred.

He had two bets totalling £14 on the same five numbers – 42, 44, 45 ,47,and 48 – which were all drawn out in the 49s numbers game.

The 38-year-old father-of-three, who works in the computer industry, left it late, getting his 50p Canadian AND £1 five-fold on just eight minutes before the draw.

Reflecting on his good fortune, the winner, who has been a Betfred customer for three years, said: “They are totally random numbers which I use regularly that came in for me.

“What am I going to spend £89,938 on? Well, firstly we need some renovation work to the bathroom and kitchen at home, then I will be treating the children to a course learning about computer games during half term.”

He added: “Then when the work at home is done we can go on holiday – somewhere hot, like South Africa.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Congratulations to this crafty Cockney who has proved you can win big with small stakes at Betfred.”

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