Despite claiming a six-figure payout, this worthy winner has vowed to continue his job at a care home until retirement

A devoted care worker from Shropshire is a most worthy £100,000 winner at Betfred.

His life transformed in less than a minute when the first six numbers were called out on our Bonus King Bingo game – and he of course had them all.

That won the 61-year-old, who had wagered just £1, his odds-busting jackpot.

The shy bachelor has worked as a care assistant in an old folks’ home for 20 years, including during the Covid pandemic, after serving his country in the Light Infantry.

His good fortune has left him pondering what to do with his new-found wealth, although he has vowed to carry on working at the care home until retirement.

He said: “I could buy myself a nice new car or go on a posh holiday like a cruise. They are certainly options now. One place I have never been but fancied going is Sweden so that’s a possibility. Before I do anything I will be taking some advice at the bank.”

The big winner is a regular bingo player at his local Betfred shop, and has twice won £150 on Bonus King Bingo earlier in the year – but he recently decided to change his regular numbers to 2, 4, 10, 12, 18 and 20, which now looks a very shrewd decision indeed.

He went on: “I’m feeling ecstatic – a truly amazing feeling. I just jumped up in the shop and said I’d won the £100,000 jackpot. I didn’t have a drink to celebrate because I was working early the next morning at the home.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Of the thousands of winners we’ve had over the years, this is by far the most worthy.

“This devoted care worker fully deserves his good fortune, winning so much from just £1. Well done, and do spend your hundred grand wisely as I’m sure you will.”

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