Some say he sleeps on a mattress stuffed with old copies of the Sporting Chronicle. What’s not at issue is that he’s The Stein.

We asked him for his expert analysis of the forthcoming Ryder Cup clash in the States, and here’s what he came up with.

Spoiler alert – he doesn’t pull his punches …

So, Whistling Straits, eh? I reckon Europe can whistle for this one, and the USA will be getting their hands on Samuel Ryder’s wonderful little golden trophy (above) next weekend.

Of America’s 12 selected and/or qualified players, only one appears outside the world-ranked top 20 – at number 21. They’ve got 7 out of the planet’s top 10, and bar the admirable Jon Rahm for Europe proudly sitting at number 1, you need binoculars to spot most of his teammates.

USA has home field, and a stack of talent. No-one’s getting too rich at the prices, but I can’t help thinking that USA at 8/15 to lift the cup is a bit like waking up on Christmas Day and remembering that it’s your birthday, too. It’s always one of the great sporting events – and I can’t wait.

Right, a pleasure as always, and fingers crossed that we’re on the ball. See you soon – weather here, wish you were lovely. Which you are, of course.

The Stein.

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Image courtesy Ryder Cup Twitter