Well – no prizes for guessing the little snippet of news that’s on everyone’s lips, from here to Timbuktu.

Last Friday afternoon we were treated to one of those breathless little sagas that defy adequate description – and all in the space of a handful of whirlwind hours.

First, we had news that Cristiano Ronaldo, the highly-decorated, greatly-respected and supremely gifted footballer, was leaving Juventus. Cue frenzied speculation about a move to the Etihad, as City looked to move on from their apparently fruitless pursuit of Harry Kane.

Next thing we know, his old club Manchester United are in the mix – and the rumour mill is in full, 100mph swing. And then it happened …

I must confess to being absolutely shocked. When trying to digest the news I thought I must have misheard – but one of the club’s greatest-ever players is indeed returning to Manchester United. For me, it puts the proverbial icing on the cake concerning the transfer business that we’ve already conducted.

This can be every bit as significant as when Eric Cantona joined the club. He lifted the group of predominantly young players then, and had an astonishing effect upon their careers. I reckon CR7 can do exactly the same.

Here’s a fella who didn’t give a moment’s bother during his six years in Manchester. A quiet-living lad who did most of his talking on the pitch – and of course since he left he’s been simply incredible for both club and country, especially his amazing near-decade in Madrid.

Sir Alex, Rio and Bruno I believe were all keen to encourage his return to Manchester, and they’re not bad judges, now are they? This very much cements United’s position for me as genuine contenders, and I honestly think they’ve got a terrific shot at the title now.

I had a lumpy bet each-way at 8/1 on Utd to win the Premier League at the start of the season, and after this transfer window, I’m definitely feeling more hopeful than ever. This signing signals intent, ambition, and brings an absolute legend back into our game. I reckon that’s cause for much celebration.

Footie, eh? Best drama in the world.

All the best,