Workaholic Catherine Bedford is “king of the hill” after winning big on the New York lotto at Betfred!

As Frank Sinatra would croon, she’s definitely spreading the news after smashing the odds to pick up £25,000  from a ONE POUND punt.

Catherine, a 52-year-old mother-of-one from Barnsley, randomly picked the numbers 16, 52, 54 and 57 .… and they all came out. Never has there been a more  deserving winner, for Catherine has always worked – previously as a sewing machinist, and sports trophy engraver.

She’s twice been made redundant, but has kept on grafting – and now has two jobs as a primary school cleaner, and hotel housekeeper. “I’m not giving up either .… I’m not one for sitting around,” said Catherine, who celebrated her good fortune with a family barbeque.

She continued: “I found out I had won just as I was about to go to bed – and I was that giddy I couldn’t sleep. We celebrated with a barbeque, at which we had some extra sausages!

“We have needed new windows and a new door at the terraced house where I live with my partner Ian and 21-year-old son Henry …. so that’s what I will be spending a fair amount on.

“I have always told Henry, who is a plasterer, that he’s got to work hard for a new car – but I think there will be a surprise Ford Fiesta for him. I just can’t believe how lucky I have been. It hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Catherine is a very worthy winner. She’s a hard-working lady who fully deserves a break – and I’m absolutely delighted to have my pocket picked by her to the tune of £25,000 from just a £1 layout.

“Congratulations to Catherine who, like many folk from Yorkshire would I reckon, has decided to do something wonderfully practical with her winnings.”