Life can’t get much sweeter for Fred Fitton, who has smashed enormous odds to win £148,000 from a £2 punt at Betfred

The retired cake factory night shift worker could travel the world with his big win. But grandad Fred, aged 69 from Bolton, Lancs, has more modest plans – upgrading his camper van, before heading off to Cornwall.

He explained: “I suppose once the Covid travel rules end I could go anywhere, but I’m not interested. I like Scotland so will be off up there a few more times now, but the place I really want to visit is Cornwall because amazingly at my age I have never been.”

Fred, a divorced father of two, won the Irish Lotto Bonus Ball Bonanza at Betfred  – picking the bonus ball in each of the three draws in a day. He opted for numbers 34,35 and 17 after studying the stats on how often the numbers are drawn – and beat odds of 74,087/1 when they all came out.

The Betfred regular has been on a lucky streak since retiring from the Park Cakes plant in the town where he worked for 20 years, initially as a forklift truck driver and then packing fruit, Angel, and Madeira cakes.

In the last year he’s picked up  £9,000 on the Euro Lottery – and last month £100 on the horses with Betfred. “I don‘t drink nowadays but had a little shandy to toast myself on the win, which is a cracking amount. I’ve not really started to think about what I’m going to do with all this money. I have told some  friends and neighbours about my win, and will be taking them out  – and then there is my first love – holidays, in my camper van.

“I have just bought one van off my brother which will be fine for the time being – and then I will get myself a new one. Not at the moment though with the prices so high, as people are having to holiday in this country. In a bit the prices will come down when people start flying off abroad again – and I should get a decent one for £30,000 or so.”

He added: “It’s a cracking amount of money which has set me up for the rest of my life. I have my little bungalow where I’m very happy … and everything is good.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “This proves you can win big from tiny stakes at Betfred … and I’m particularly pleased to be paying out to another Fred!  I do like a traditional Cornish pastie so perhaps I can expect a treat when Fred fulfils his lifetime ambition and heads off to the fine county of Cornwall.”