49-yr-old road digger Ian Brentnall switched to the 49s lotto – and won £50,000 from a £5 wager at Betfred

He’d previously played on the Irish lottery, but on his first-ever attempt on the 49s amazingly all four of his numbers came up!

Ian, from Derbyshire, credits his late grandfather Ted Morton for his big win, having checked out an old photo of him just before he opted for numbers 4,9,27 and 31.

He explained: “I just used to do the Irish and wasn’t having much luck, but then I remembered grandad Ted and how he used to always do the 49s. I got an old photograph out of him and looked at it and said ‘ come on, give me a bit of luck’.… and that’s exactly what happened. I got a whole heap of it!

“Work as a freelance digging up roads has been hard to come by during the lockdowns, but it is at least picking up now. After I looked at the old photo I stuck a fiver on – and all my randomly-selected numbers came up. He just gave me that bit of luck.

“I just feel over the moon …. it’s a massive amount of money for someone like me,” said Ian, of Waingraves Road, Ripley.

“When I found out I’d won I took a lot of deep breaths. Someone up there must be looking after me. I have worked eight-hour shifts digging up roads for many, many years since I was at school, so I’d like to think I do deserve a little bit of good fortune.

“I just can’t believe what’s happened … it’s just fantastic. It’s a life-changing amount. Much of the winnings will be going on my mortgage, and then when things calm down with regards to Covid, maybe a little break somewhere nice at Christmas and New Year.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Thanks to Ian it’s me who is digging deep …. and I’m loving it. Congratulations to this hard-working fella who deserves his change in fortune, winning big from such a tiny stake.”