Enhanced Odds on The Nifty Fifty straight line bets for all draws, 2nd – 15th November!

Betfred’s numbers just got bigger and better – and how about those payouts? 

How simple is it to play? Well,  ….. 

*Bet at least £1 on a straight-line treble on any of The Nifty Fifty draws between 2nd and 15th November at odds of 800/1 

*Watch the draws take place live on site to see if you are a winner   

*If you win, we will pay you out at the enhanced odds of 900/1! Your winnings will be topped up within 24 hours of the original bet settlement 

For comprehensive details and the chance to play Nifty Fifty, please visit with us right HERE 

All together now ……. ‘Goodness, Gracious – The Nifty Fifty!  

Whenever you bet, Betfred