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Betfred’s exclusive numbers game – The Nifty Fifty!

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From Midday TODAY until 18:30 – Friday 30th Oct

The important bits;

  • Step 1: Bet at least £1 on a straight-line bet of 3, 4 or 5 numbers on Friday’s The Nifty Fifty 14:30 and/or 18:30 draw, at odds of 800/1, 10,000/1 or 200,000/1!
  • Step 2: Watch the draw take place live on site to see if you are a winner.
  • Step 3: If you win, we will pay you out at the enhanced odds of 900/1, 12,000/1 or 250,000/1! Your winnings will be topped up before 14:00 on Saturday.

To confirm – Min stake £1. Credited before 14:00 on Saturday. The Nifty Fifty numbers 1-50. 6 number draw only. Betting with Betfred numbers is fixed odds betting on the results of the draw. Betfred rules apply.

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Betfred’s numbers just got bigger and better …

All together now – Goodness, Gracious, The Nifty Fifty!

Play here!