Roofer follows Nifty Fifty win with massive Irish Lottery scoop

Steven Hughes has got the chance to live up to his nickname ‘Flash’ after winning big once again, with bookie Betfred.

The self-employed roofer from the Wirral, who has just won £80,000 from a £10 wager, now plans a once-in-a-lifetime holiday travelling the iconic Route 66 highway in America.

“I will be travelling on that famous road, probably next year. Or a posh cruise – but the road trip is favourite,” said Steve, a 54-year-old father of three, who has eight grandchildren.

Get your kicks ….

He continued; “My wife Gail and I fancied a luxury holiday and at first she started checking out Caribbean cruises. Then we started thinking about an unforgettable Route 66 road trip going east to west across America, from Chicago to Los Angeles.

We won’t be doing both that is for sure. Normally we go to Benidorm or Tenerife!

All mapped out

“I’m a biker, but we’ll hire a car or camper van or something. It will be for just the two of us, and should be great. We will also pay some of the mortgage off from the £80,000 – and our children, who are all grown up, will get some of my winnings, too.

We have not really celebrated yet, with restricted hours at the pub etc, but we’ll be having a big family meal.”

Born and raised in the village of Pensby, Steven got the nickname ‘Flash’ at school, and it’s stuck ever since.

As he’s become established as a hard-working roofer some people locally have thought it was something to do with lead flashing used during repairs, but no. It goes back a long, long way.

Steven had two £5 bets with exactly the same numbers …. 3, 7, 14, and 18 …. which were placed on the Irish Lottery within a minute of each other at the Betfred shop at Pensby Road, Pensby.

“I always use the same numbers .… three because it’s the day of my birthday, seven because it’s  the day of the month of my wife’s birthday, 14 as it my first daughter’s birthday – and 18 because it’s the number of the house at Bridgnorth Road, Pensby, where I was born!

Lightning strikes twice for Flash

“I put one £5 bet on, and then went with another one for £5, both on the same numbers – as two weeks ago I won £10,000 on Betfred’s exclusive Nifty Fifty numbers game – and I just felt lucky.”

After Betfred boss Fred Done arranged for Steven to be handed a celebratory bottle of champagne, he found out the popular regular prefers Budweiser, so got him a bottle of the US beer as well.

Fred said: “Well done to one of my most popular customers who always enjoys a laugh with our staff in Pensby.

“For Steve to win so much from such a small stake enabling him and his ex-publican wife Gail to fulfil a lifetime ambition and travel Route 66 is brilliant .… and I don’t mind at all that it will be me picking up the bill for all those hot dogs and burgers en route! This big win couldn’t have gone to a nicer fella. After his earlier fabulous win playing Nifty Fifty this latest success was obviously no flash in the pan!”

One for the road? Absolutely



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