The Nifty Fifty – Betfred’s exclusive five-times-a-day numbers game

6 numbers in the 6-ball draw returns £5 million!

Fancy playing? Here’s where it’s at – and you can watch it LIVE!

The Bonus King has done it again!


The Important Stuff

When do the draws take place?

Five draws on The Nifty Fifty take place every day with the exception of Christmas Day.  These are at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 6.30pm.  All times are UK.  Every draw is filmed live from our in-house Betfred studios.


There are two different ways to bet:

Numbers: Between one and six numbers are selected, and if all of the numbers chosen are drawn, your bet is a winner.

Groups: Choose from a group of numbers such as odds or evens, or 1 to 10, and if the first ball drawn matches your selection, the bet is a winner.


To play

1. To begin, click on ‘Lotto’ followed by ‘The Nifty Fifty’.


2. Simply select the numbers you wish to bet on or click ‘Lucky Dip’ to have your numbers randomly generated for you. You can change these manually or for a completely new set of numbers press ‘Lucky Dip’ again.  Alternatively, make a selection from the additional games such as ‘Odds or Evens’.


3. There are 50 balls in The Nifty Fifty draw, numbered 1-50. 6 balls plus a bonus ball are drawn.

Pick from the 6 or 7 ball draw by toggling the bonus ball option.

The ‘6-ball draw’ refers to the main 6 balls drawn and so excludes the bonus ball.  You can bet on a single number being drawn up to all 6 numbers.

The ‘7-ball draw’ refers to all 7 balls drawn and so includes the bonus ball.  This increases your chances of winning but offers smaller payouts.  You can bet on a single number being drawn up to 6 numbers.

Permutations and multi-bets are permitted.  You may select up to 11 numbers for the purpose of permutations, e.g. perm any 6 from 11.


4. Select which draw(s) you wish to bet on via the ‘Choose Draws’ page. You can bet on any one draw up to all five if you choose.  The date and time of each draw is next to the relevant tick box.  You can also bet up to four weeks in advance.


5. Choose the type(s) of bet you require in the betslip. Click ‘More Bets’ for a greater range of options.  This can include permutations or multi-bets.


6. Enter your stake for your chosen bet type(s) and then click on ‘Place Bet’.


Odds paid on The Nifty Fifty

Numbers matched 6-ball draw 7-ball draw
1 7/1 6/1
2 70/1 50/1
3 800/1 500/1
4 10,000/1 5,500/1
5 200,000/1 60,000/1
6 5,000,000/1 150,000/1


Note that we are now offering betting on 6 numbers including all 6 numbers in the 6-ball draw.


Match all 6 numbers in the 6-ball draw and we will pay out at odds of 5 MILLION TO 1!  (Maximum unit stake £1.  See rules for full details.)