Betfred’s Mark Pearson caught up with Neil Robertson to talk about his experience during isolationhis reaction to the new Betfred World Championship dates, a look back at his first world title against Graeme Dott, and the importance of mental health. 

Neil is positive for the future 

Speaking exclusively to Betfred, Neil Robertson gave us insight into his life during isolation and how his family in Australia has been dealing with the current pandemic. He also had plenty of positive things to say about the NHS and the work they have done thus far. 

“Absolute admiration to all those involved with the NHS,” 

Neil goes on to explain how the situation has made him appreciate the fortunate position he has as a sports professionalhow there are other families struggling and how everyone in the world must do their part to help them. 



A different feeling “behind closed doors” 

New dates for the 2020 Betfred World Snooker Championship were announced last week, subject to government policy, to run from July 31st to August 16th with the possibility of being played behind closed doorsNeil gave us his reaction and explained how it would be interesting to play in the UK during the summer, but also how it would be a different feeling. 

“When I won it, I had my mum there and other family members and friends, and we were all partying afterwards. It would be a different feeling, there’s no doubt about that, but these are really tough times we’re living in.” 



What does the Crucible mean to the Aussie? 

“The Thunder from down Under,” has plenty of experience, when it comes to the Betfred World Championship, having played in the Crucible fifteen times! You could say he knows his way around the venue, not just the table! However, we wanted to know what it meanto play in the glorious Crucible theatre. 

“You get a lot of big crowds in other tournaments, but you don’t get the same busyness and excitement around the crucible.” 

“You see all the Betfred banners all around the city and the promotions for the event is amazing, and even just people in Cafes and restaurant, everything is buzzing about the place! 



From close to quitting to being Champion of the world 

Betfred’s Mark Pearson and Neil Robertson took a look back at Neil’s first world title victory against Graeme Dott and his emotions after achieving his lifelong dream 

“It’s everyone’s dream to become World Champion and world number 1, I was fortunate to achieve both of those things in a space of a few months. 

Neil also goes on to explain his rollercoaster journey, from falling off the tour, coming from the other side of the world, and not enjoying life in England. 

“When I was 16, 18, and 20, I fell off the tour all these years, kept going back to Australia, and kept thinking is it worth it to keep moving to the other side of the world.” 

Looking forward to the future, Neil talks about how winning a second world title would hopefully solidify him as one the best overseas player ever. 

“I think being an overseas player is up there already, no one else has done what I’ve done in the game but winning a 2nd world title would be amazing! 


Neil’s advice to anyone who suffers from Mental Health 

Robertson was very open on the issue of mental health and explained how his partner Millie won her battle against depression. He goes onto give some useful advice to those who might be struggling with mental health.  

“The best thing I could say personally is to do at these times is to make sure you are structuring your day really well and just plan everything out and just have a really good structure in place of what you are actually doing.” 

“Exercise is probably the most important thing to do right now, get out, get some fresh air.” 

The interview ends with Neil Robertson saying, “I’m always open to talk and help people on social media as well.”  

We’ll see you at the Crucible theatre, Neil!